How do I change my course preference? 

If you want to be assessed for a different course, please email your request to mu.documents@莫纳什.edu.

How to defer my program to the next intake?

Generally ag九游会官网登录 allows deferment of study up to a maximum of twelve months, or longer in exceptional circumstances. Deferment approval is subject to the course availability in the next / future intake and your reason(s) to defer.

If you are an international student under a student visa, you are required to provide us with reasons for the deferral request and evidence to support your claim (when applicable). Please note, deferment will have an impact on your student visa. Your visa however would not be cancelled if the deferral is for compassionate or compelling reasons. ‘Compassionate or compelling’ circumstances are generally those beyond your control and which have an impact upon your course progress or wellbeing. Please refer to Standard 9 of the National Code for details.

To defer your offer, please send a written request to mu.documents@莫纳什.edu 或访问 推迟你的学业 欲了解更多详情.