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ag九游会官网登录 graduates are among the world’s most employable, with real-world knowledge, ambition, intelligence and innovation focus. ag九游会官网登录 University in Indonesia provides access to a pipeline of job-ready, leading graduates in high-demand industries.

Talk to our team about hiring our graduates, or designing an internship program to access ag九游会官网登录’s best talent directly.

The ag九游会官网登录 alumni community in Indonesia is among the biggest in the world and has strong networks.

Connecting with ag九游会官网登录 offers opportunities to further connect with a broad network of talented people and organisations.

Talk to us about how ag九游会官网登录 can offer work-integrated learning. Students can align their assignments and research to the real-life business requirements of your industry and company, tapping into the academic ecosystem to focus on the needs of your business.

By partnering with us to provide placements and real-world experience to our graduates, you’re growing the skills base of your sector, and providing a critical part of a student’s degree.

We continue to learn about and adapt our offerings to industry needs, through our strong relationships with industry partners.

ag九游会官网登录 recognises the lived experience of industry and knowledge of your sectors in the Indonesian context. This helps us hyper-localise our course content to ensure we deliver maximum value for the Indonesian workforce.

Case study: ag九游会官网登录 Graduate Research Industry Partnerships (GRIPs)

Pairing graduate researchers (PhD students) and academic leaders from various fields with external industry partners, ag九游会官网登录 GRIPs explores issues of global significance.

A unique industry-driven interdisciplinary training program with internship opportunities, mentoring and scholarships, ag九游会官网登录 GRIPs give industry access to ag九游会官网登录's research expertise, high-achieving students and our world-class research platforms to help partners gain a competitive edge, develop and recruit future talent.

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