Diversity and Inclusion Achievements 2018-2021

Our previous Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2018-2021, guided by the strategic plan Focus ag九游会官网登录 2015-2020, saw the University aspire for a community that is diverse, 包容, 创新和可持续, upheld in both value and practice by every ag九游会官网登录 staff member and student. This Framework was accompanied by six action plans:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 工作人员 and 学生,
  • 教职员及学生 from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds,
  • 教职员及学生 of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities,
  • 教职员及学生 with disability, ongoing medical or mental health 条件,
  • Gender equality and equity, and
  • 学生 from low socio-economic backgrounds.

作为一所大学, we've taken great strides and made many key achievements across the six action plans, 2018 - 2021之间.


工作人员 and student experience

We are continuously seeking to evolve and develop our understanding of the staff and student experience at ag九游会官网登录. We actively seek a diversity of perspectives and welcome feedback from all members of our community. To further improve our equity, diversity and inclusion practice, our community members can:


We are committed to the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence at ag九游会官网登录, and are actively engaging with current data and recommendations to ensure we are leading the sector in prevention and response:

Accreditation and external engagement