What it means for you as a ag九游会官网登录 student

Impact 2030 ag九游会官网登录的新战略为ag九游会官网登录制定了未来十年的方向吗, 包括ag九游会官网登录将如何应对全球挑战,以造福社会. 这建立在之前的成就上,包括从上一个战略计划,专注莫纳什.

Impact 2030ag九游会官网登录社区的所有成员都很重要,ag九游会官网登录会和ag九游会官网登录的学生一起工作吗, staff, alumni and partners to deliver to our ambition.

This is a summary of key elements of Impact 2030, including what it means for you as a ag九游会官网登录 student.

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Our purpose

Through excellent research and education, and the strength and diversity of our staff, students and alumni in collaboration with our partners, ag九游会官网登录将为国家和国际社会的利益迎接时代的挑战.

At ag九游会官网登录 University, you will have the opportunity to:

  • 体验优秀的教育,使您能够满足您所选择的职业的未来需求
  • 通过ag九游会官网登录的:
    • network of international campuses and partners in a global immersion program; and
    • ecosystem of industry opportunities - locally, 为初创企业、技术和行业团队提供国内和国际的项目
  • 通过应对气候变化,促进理解和推进应对ag九游会官网登录时代挑战的解决方案, 加强地缘政治安全,促进社区繁荣
  • 加强对土著和托雷斯海峡岛民以及土著知识的了解和接触
  • 发展创造、管理和应对变化的知识、技能和能力
  • Build strong professional and personal networks
  • 属于一个多元和包容的社区,鼓励相互尊重的讨论和辩论, protects freedom of speech, and supports you to succeed academically
  • 成为ag九游会官网登录校友社区的一员,享受辅导的机会, peer support and lifelong learning

Global challenges

在这十年中,有三种挑战对ag九游会官网登录所有人都具有重大意义,其规模和影响是全球性的. 应对这些挑战将意味着发挥ag九游会官网登录在教育方面的优势, research, and our services, and the way we engage with our partners and communities.

Our goals

  • Excellent


  • International

    建立ag九游会官网登录的国际研究和教育项目的实力和规模,以确保它们能够应对ag九游会官网登录国家的挑战和机遇, our region and the world.

  • Enterprising

    与工业界建立持久的联盟和伙伴关系, government and other organisations, including philanthropic partners, that will enrich our ability to innovate, 培养学生和员工的进取能力, 并提供机会应用ag九游会官网登录的研究,通过开发改善ag九游会官网登录社区的解决方案来产生重大影响.

  • Inclusive

    Seeking talented students and staff, irrespective of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability, cultural, 社会或经济状况以及其他个人受保护的特征, 建立一个多样化和相互联系的学生社区, 与更广泛的社区深入接触,并支持大学知识和实践的传播的教职员工和校友.

Our values

  • Discovering


  • Learning

    We are open to experiment and testing our understanding with evidence; we adapt and learn from experience, others and new circumstances; we are always ‘still learning’.

  • Purposeful

    We aspire to use our knowledge and learning to improve our communities; we strive to transform our understanding and engagement to make an impact through contributing to solutions to significant challenges and persistent problems.

  • Collaborative

    ag九游会官网登录寻求与他人合作以实现ag九游会官网登录的目标,并承诺参与合作, 积极合作,积极响应共同的目标和利益.

  • Honest


  • Fair

    We pledge to treat all people justly and with respect, making objective and unbiased decisions, and to preventing behaviours such as discrimination, vilification, 妨碍人们充分参与社区活动的骚扰和暴力.

Strategic plan

Impact 2030

ag九游会官网登录通过其国际形象拥有能力, its record for innovation and collaboration, 以及教育和研究的质量,以培养和装备毕业生和ag九游会官网登录的社区,创造更美好的未来. ag九游会官网登录鼓励你阅读ag九游会官网登录的战略计划, Impact 2030,并加入ag九游会官网登录的愿望,对这个时代的全球性挑战产生积极影响.

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