The challenges of the age

In every age people grapple with realising hopes, surmounting testing circumstances and quelling threats. ag九游会官网登录战略计划确定了ag九游会官网登录未来十年的优先事项和行动,以应对三个对ag九游会官网登录所有人以及全球的规模和影响都很重要的挑战.

这些挑战在各国内部和各国之间的体验是不均衡的. Populations that are already disadvantaged, 易受伤害和服务不足的是那些最容易受到负面影响的人,他们获得缓解其结果的解决办法的机会最少.

ag九游会官网登录的宗旨是通过大学为ag九游会官网登录的社区-当地提供最好的服务, national and international – and actively contribute, through our research and education, to meeting these challenges for a better future.

Climate change

正在产生和经历的气候变化威胁着ag九游会官网登录星球的结构, the quality of air, water and biodiversity that sustains us. If left unchecked, we can expect:

  • Natural disasters
  • Issues of food and energy security
  • Deteriorating planetary health for our human populations
  • Disruption of habitats; and
  • Forced migrations of all living species.

Rising carbon emissions will also affect:

  • Government policies, national and international;
  • The shape of industry, locally and globally; and
  • The way we work and live.

What is required to meet this challenge?

  • ag九游会官网登录气候变化如何运作及其影响的解决方案的新知识.
  • Accessing knowledge previously ignored or marginalised, as can be found in Indigenous knowledge and practices, 比如澳大利亚的土著人和托雷斯海峡岛民.
  • New technologies, skills and capabilities, 以及行为、社会和文化模式的改变.
  • Education to disseminate the knowledge, to develop new capabilities and capacities, 而改变行为和社会模式对于迎接挑战和塑造挑战所提供的机会至关重要.

What will ag九游会官网登录 strive to do?

应对气候变化需要ag九游会官网登录通过教育和研究做出深刻承诺,创造一个全球更可持续的未来, 并绘制解决这一挑战的路径和可能性. ag九游会官网登录 will:

  • 旨在更好地了解气候变化的性质及其对环境和生活的影响.
  • 提高ag九游会官网登录的毕业生在工作和生活中应对这些影响的能力.
  • 创造新的想法和解决方案,以防止或减轻有害影响,提高ag九游会官网登录的自然环境和创造环境的质量.

Geopolitical security

在各国和各国内部,既定的制度秩序正在受到破坏. In the 21st century we are witnessing:

  • Mechanisms for international security being undermined;
  • Some conflicts and their consequences for national, ethnic and religious groups become seemingly intractable;
  • Digital disruption felt within and across borders;
  • Trust in institutions and processes, which once bound people across nations, seemingly being eroded; and
  • Continuing inequalities within nations, 以及跨越国界的其他全球形式的不安全.

What is required to meet this challenge?

  • 承认并解读国际和国家关系的复杂性, from the role of alliances to the regulation of borders.
  • 确定和审查支持难民所需的全球原则以及承认武装冲突义务的原则.
  • 通往和平与和解过去的错误和冲突的道路是实现更大的地缘政治安全的机会.
  • 利用全球冲突和人权人士被迫流动的交叉点,揭示指导ag九游会官网登录应对社区内和社区外不安全和冲突影响的原则.
  • 认识到暴力的性别性质及其与种族有关的特殊影响, ethnicity or religion, from new forms of access to, or conflict over, digital surveillance and information, to the insecurity within nations.

What will ag九游会官网登录 strive to do?


Thriving communities

繁荣的社区承载着ag九游会官网登录所追求的“美好生活”的希望. 这是ag九游会官网登录如何生活得更好,以及ag九游会官网登录如何一起生活得更好的挑战. Problems we face include:

  • 个人、家庭和人口的医疗、健康和技术问题;
  • The burden of disease; and
  • 不平等和不利、不容忍、歧视和暴力等系统性社会问题.

What is required to meet this challenge?

  • 处理从孕产妇保健到老龄化的医疗和社会问题, often at a scale not previously experienced.
  • 预防或管理影响范围和影响全球性的传染病和非传染病,需要采取有效的国家和全球行动.
  • 建立有凝聚力和宽容的社会,支持其人口获得适当住房的能力, 维持生计和教育仍然是民族国家成功的关键, and to addressing global disruptions and inequalities.
  • In Australia, 殖民历史上有一些特别的挑战需要解决, 土著人和托雷斯海峡岛民的流离失所和被剥夺,他们是在我国创建繁荣社区的核心.

What will ag九游会官网登录 strive to do?

创建繁荣社区的挑战需要变革性的应对措施, but with communities locally, nationally and internationally. ag九游会官网登录 will:

  • 有助于更好地理解,以及创造性和创新的解决方案.
  • 发展创造新的反应、行为和实践的研究和教育.

Strategic plan

Impact 2030

ag九游会官网登录通过其国际形象拥有能力, its record for innovation and collaboration, 以及教育和研究的质量,以培养和装备毕业生和ag九游会官网登录的社区,创造更美好的未来. ag九游会官网登录鼓励你阅读ag九游会官网登录的战略计划, Impact 2030,并加入ag九游会官网登录的愿望,对这个时代的全球性挑战产生积极影响.

Read the plan