Pay As You Use

Pay As You Use (PAYU)停车在所有校园都使用,使校园停车更公平, 灵活且更容易 staff and students. By using the CellOPark app, you only pay for the time that you park on campus.

Staff, 进入ag九游会官网登录校园的学生和游客必须使用CellOPark应用程序在蓝色或红色许可证区域停车(持有28天vPermit的工作人员除外). 确保你查看了下面的停车资格部分,找出你可以在校园里停车的地方.

ag九游会官网登录如何建立您的帐户的信息, paying for parking - including salary packaging and parking rates and zones, click on the relevant link below the Parking at ag九游会官网登录 video.

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